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Schedule An Appointment

A chatbot can be your virtual assistant helping arrange booking appointment with potential customer

Customer Support

A chatbot can operate on behalf of customer support department. Many requests can be collected automatically

Collect Customer Feedback

A chatbot can help you to collect feedbacks from customers. This is crucial to improve customer experience & product or service quality

Return An Order

A chatbot can help to process return order request from customers. This is a proven time-saving chatbot for your business

Book A Trip

A chatbot can be your virtual assistant helping user booking a trip. You can use internally for employees voting the trip.

Quiz Bot

A chatbot can be used to make a test, quiz... for your user to increase engagement. Or can use internally for employees (internal testing...)

Weather Forecast

A chatbot can help your website visitors asking about weather in next couple days. This can help increase engagement.

Get Jobs Applicants

A chatbot can be your virtual assistant help getting jobs applicants. Candidates also feel friendly about your business.

Request A Demo

Let your visitors choose a time for a demo in a conversational way

Lead Capture

A friendlier way of asking for details like name, email and company

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– Support customer
– Get job applicants
– Process order return
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